True Love Snapshot

Phantom Tree

Books are my true love.  If you know me, you know this is no secret.  Every book I own is beat beyond belief.  There are paragraphs underlined, notes written, pages ripped, covers torn.   I read the way I love…thoroughly and unrelenting.  Sometimes quotes I read in books stay with me forever.  I read “The Five People You Meet in Heaven,” by Mitch Albom, years and years ago.  It touched me to my very core with it’s main character going back through his life after he’s died; learning the lessons he should have learned in his waking hours.  His wife is a central part of his story.  He fell for her and never let go of her. He said something that has stuck with me forever:  “Every life has one true-love snapshot.  For the rest of his life, whenever he thought of Marguerite, Eddie would see that moment, her waving over her shoulder, her dark hair falling over one eye, and he would feel the same arterial burst of love.”  This has stayed with me since I read it.  I know what my true love snapshot is…what would yours be?

– A


When LoveandBeauty Comes to Visit Me

Sometimes the current state of our world as a whole really starts to get to me.  There are wars being waged for reasons I’m not entirely sure of, poverty, illness, and violence.  Pollution clouds our skies, and oil is staining our oceans. It’s all pretty damn heavy.  And, sometimes, I start to get sad.  But then, it’s funny.  Life puts someone in front of me to remind me that there is still so much good.
Let me tell you a little about Love and Beauty…

Currently Coveting

That 3 o’clock light makes me sad, and happy, and lonely, and filled up all at once…

Though I am currently monetarily challenged, shall we say, it does not stop my brain from wanting several things.  Here are the top 5, in no particular order.

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A Dangerous Play Thing

In bloom…

When I was a junior in college, I had a meeting with my academic advisor and she pointed out that I had taken so many Women’s Studies courses, that I might as well make it my minor.  This came as a complete surprise to me – I had not realized I’d been choosing so many classes that fell into this category.  I went ahead and made it officially my minor.  From that point on, I became fascinated and in love with women, and what it means to be a woman.  We are truly amazing creatures.  One of my very favorite college courses was a three-hour class that met weekly called “Angels, Monsters, and Anorexics: Women Throughout History.”  The texts we explored opened me up to entirely new levels of appreciated for my sex.  It was empowering.  It was awesome.  It was EMPOWERING (yes, again.) – and not in a bra-burning, man-hating way.  It wasn’t about men at all, actually.    I’d really love to post more often about the fairer sex, and plan on doing so.  I firmly believe women are on our way to taking over the world.  Men are losing their footing – sorry, guys.

So, to kick this off, here are a few quotes that percolate in my brain:

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The Luxury of Having an Imagination

When the sun shines, we glow…

When I was a little girl, though I lacked in communication skills due to severe shyness, I did not lack in imagination.  My mind went, literally, everywhere.  My shyness, I believe now, led me to have such a vivid imagination because I spent so much time alone with my thoughts.  I dreamed up some of the most amazing things when I was riding the bus to school.  I’d sit alone and stare out the window at whatever fascinating and beautiful things mother nature was doing at the moment and dream up different characters for myself or storylines for my life that I’d wished had been real.  Whether it was summer, and the trees that lined the country roads of my hometown were lush and full and green, or it was winter and intricate patterns were made by the frost made on the windows , it lent itself beautifully to imagining the most out-there scenarios.  Spring, the season of awakening, and autumn with it’s vivid colors and the un-avoidable feeling of nostalgia it created,  also provided endless inspiration.

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