Never Skip Breakfast

I am somewhat fickle when it comes to blogging.  Thought Breakfast is not my first, second, or third attempt at blogging.  It is my fourth.  Yes, FOURTH.  I realized that each time I created a new blog (and I do intend to eventually post frequently to said blogs…I swear),  I’d find that somehow whatever I’d titled it left little room for diversity of post topics.  For example: I created a blog based on fashion.  I love fashion.  I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion.  And while I do feel extremely passionate about it, it’s not what makes me, me.  I don’t want a blog devotged soley to fashion, because as a writer, I have so many things to say – like it or not – about so many different things.   And really, would a post about an amazing homeless man I met on the streets in Los Angeles really fit into a fashion blog (more on him in future posts)?  Possibly, but not appropriately.  He deserves better.  So, I’ve created Thought Breakfast as a gathering place for anything I feel is important enough to voice my opinion on.  Living in Los Angeles, (semi) working in a crazy industry that will literally chew up your insides and spit them out like ground beef (and trust me, that’s putting it nicely), sometimes can be extremely frustrating.  At times, I just want to know that after a long day of complicated frustrations, I am heard.  Isn’t that what we all want at the end of a long day?  To not only have our tired feet rubbed by loving hands, but also to have our mind massaged lovingly?  I am not pretending to know everything – in fact, there is much that I have yet to learn.  And I’m hoping this blog will chronicle my journey towards understanding myself and ultimately human kind (or vice versa?) more deeply.  There is a reason I kept the ten journals I started throughout my life – I look back through them now and can see patterns in my behavior and thought process that led to growth (or to a dead end) and reading them is a way of smoothing my hand affectionately over the head of my younger self as if to say: “Don’t worry, my girl.  You’re going to wind up just fine.”

Maybe I’ve had such a difficult time trying to define what I’ve wanted my previous attempts at blogs to be because I am not able to b defined.  I am many things.  So, Thought Breakfast is a place to bring every facet of who I am without fear of not fitting into a specific category.

And who am I?

I am complicated.  I am funny (I’d like to think).  I am serious.  I am completely childish in what I find humorous.  I am obsessed with clothing (and tearing it apart to sew it into something I love).  I am a deep thinker.  I am sad.  I am happy. I am…

I am.

A work in progress.

Come with me?

– A.


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