Inspiration (Or lack thereof)


Some days, my creative flow is so plentiful, it seems as though I could pen an entire novel.  Others, it as if someone has completely tied off any sort of thought bank I have, and I literally have to struggle just to squeeze something thoughtful and slightly entertaining out. 

Up until recently (and by recently, I mean, like, 2 days ago), I’d simply refuse to write anything at all when I was facing this lack of creativity or direction.  But today,  the cycle ends.  Today, I woke with no inspiration.  No dynamic thoughts were pounding with their little thought fists to penetrate the walls of my skull. The usual avoidance of writing on days like this crept slowly on, as I munched on an angel food cake muffin I made with a girlfriend yesterday, and sipped on my warm coffee (I eat oatmeal, literally, every single day for breakfast, and today seemed like the kind of day that begged for a cupcake for breakfast – albeit a healthy cupcake – and I’m out of oatmeal.).  I have made myself a promise to write something every single day.  

I believe I have discovered my reason for being so hesitant to write something when I have writer’s block.  I am the kind of person who likes to only put out something that is incredibly inspired and written as well as I can manage.  If I write something I’m not one-hundred-percent about, I simply don’t show anyone, delete it, or throw it out.  As a writer, there are days at a time when I feel a complete lack of inspiration, and therefore do not write anything at all for those days, no matter how many run into each other consecuitively.  So begins the cycle of not writing.

So, this day, this post, is an excerise for me.  I’m coming through on a promise I made myself to write something every single day, no matter how large a case of writer’s block I have.  And it starts with me accepting that this post will not being full of great thoughts, and it won’t make people want to go out and make the world a better place.  But, that’s okay.  Because it’s honest, all the same.  So, this is what I have to offer today.  A post about writer’s block.  I figure hey, maybe if I face the beast head on, I’ll slay it, and writer’s block will become something of the past for me…


What do you do to get your creativity flowing on days you lack?


– A



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