Currently Coveting

That 3 o’clock light makes me sad, and happy, and lonely, and filled up all at once…

Though I am currently monetarily challenged, shall we say, it does not stop my brain from wanting several things.  Here are the top 5, in no particular order.

1.  This print would look amazing behind my couch.  I’ve been staring at the blank space forever and, though I can’t stand it, I’d rather see it bare than fill it with something less than thrilling.  This print is just the right mix of artsy, f*cked up, and intriguing.

2. The perfect racerback tank top.  I think this one might just be the one, but I’m incredibly picky.  I have an obsession with racerback tank tops.  Ditto for grey tees.

3. A two-day getaway.  Yes, just two days would suffice.  I love Hollywood – and LA – but man, sometimes you even need a break from your own personal paradise.

4.  This car.  Totally unrealistic right now.  But, while at work last night, a table asked me what my dream car of the moment was.  So, hey, a girl can dream.  And I fully plan to have one at some point in the not so far future.

5. Dinner – complete with appetizers, entrees, desserts, and plenty of wine/cocktails – at a really nice restaurant.  A completely ridiculous splurge on so many levels…but so worth it.


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