Perspective is a Blessing

Land and sea.

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for almost a year now, and though I still love it, it’s definitely become “home” and with that comes the annoyances and hardships that being “home” entails.  I’ll never forget the magic of first moving here – it was literally the happiest time I can remember.  Someday, I promise myself, I’ll put it all into words.  While speaking with one of my very oldest friends this week, our coversation went the way of “I’d love to move somewhere like LA, but I’m afraid that it would cease to feel like vacation and start to feel like “home” home.” (This was not verbatim, but you get the drift.) My sweet friend hit the nail right on the head.  A place, no matter how wonderful it is, will inevitably become “home” after a while.  Our conversation centered around what an amazing thing perspective is.  It went from perspective relating to living in our small town and then moving away, only to realize what an amazing little place that home town is, all the way to the persepective I gained from losing my father (I’d give anything to have my parents “annoying” me).

My amazing mother booked a plane ticket this week for me to go home to visit my beloved friends and family in Massachusetts, and I could not be more excited for May 30th to arrive.  It got me thinking – a year ago at this time, I had tears in my eyes because I couldn’t wait to move away from Massachusetts.  Today, I have tears in my eyes because I’m so excited to see everyone that I love so dearly and miss every single day.  What a difference a year of being away from everything familliar makes…

Though my love affair with the City of Angels continues, it has most definitely left the “Honeymoon Phase.”  I have bills, I have jobs, I have stresses – just like I did in Massachusetts.  However, here in the sunshine, all of the stresses seem a little more bearable.  What a beautiful thing.


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