Meet Lionel

Life is good…

This is Lionel.  On a recent trip to Santa Monica, we ran into Lionel as we walked along the beautiful street bordering the beach, leading all the way to the Santa Monica Pier.  I first heard him.  He was singing “You Are My Sunshine,” and it carried through the air.  I was drawn over to him and his smiling soul.  I put a dollar in his cup, said, “Thank you for the smile and for your beautiful soul,” and he smiled back and told  us his name, and asked me if I’d like to take his picture.  Well, of course I would! So he posed with his umbrella, and his cup, and his sweet smile.  I thanked him profusely once again, for brightening my day, and walked off.  Twently minutes later I was still catching myself singing “You Are My Sunshine.” In fact, I’m humming it again now.  Thank you, Lionel.  You’re beautiful.


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