It’s all so meant to be…

Vision Blurry.

Part of relocating to the far off land of LA from small town Massachusetts meant leaving my steady paying career behind for the unknown.  My brother went through the same thing after moving to Colorado a few years ago.  I suppose it’s part of the process of life – this learning that a career isn’t necessarily conducive to happiness.  In talking to him yesterday on the phone about where our lives will take us after we figure out what to do with ourselves, it was also a good reminder to me that, though at times not having a salary and a steady paying job can be stressful, there was a reason I was so ready to give it all up and move 3,000 miles away – it was overrated and I wasn’t that happy.  If I was, I wouldn’t have left.  So, waiting tables it is…and I couldn’t be happier about where I ended up…

We have a monthly meeting at the restaraunt I work at in Beverly Hills.  They are, honestly, endlessly entertaining and if they’d record our interactions, I’m pretty sure we’d have a pretty wide audience…and I’m not just saying that.  It’s gold.  You couldn’t write some of this stuff (and in fact, some of my very amazing c0-workers and friends will be entertaining audiences on TV very soon – details to come).  Everyone that I work with is young and beautiful and driven and so special…a conversation I got into with a co-worker as we drove  home from  the meeting yesterday morning.  We discussed how meant to be it is that we all have come together and work in the same place.  How we each bring something different to the table.  How we’re all so different, but we mesh so incredibly well.  How we all left our families so far away, but that we feel part of a family here, in our workplace;  and how amazing it is and how lucky we feel to be a part of that.  These are all things I never felt at my previous job…

So, is it frustrating to not have health or dental insurance? Yes.  Do I miss my paid sick days? Yes.  Do I miss my paid vacations?Yes.  But that’s about all that I miss.  Though I’m still waiting tables years after I said I’d be done with it, I’ve had the alternative and I’m not sure I find it so alluring anymore.  This job gives me time to pursue my passions – writing, exploring, LIVING.  I’m not working the ridiculous hours I was working when I had the career.  I have time to hike and read and learn how to photograph.  I’m working as a writer and stylist for a website on the side – interviewing high profile amazing people every day.  What more could I ask for?  Sometimes I worry what the future holds – what if I get sick and have no insurance?  What if I don’t have a retirement account in a few years?  But then, I remind myself that I’m living for now.  Each day is a new blank page, yet to be written.  I love that….

And for now, it feels just meant to be…



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