Me, a year ago.

Around the bend…

Photographs aren’t the only way to see the changes in ourselves.  I’ve always kept millions of journals throughout my life.  I have old journals dating back to when I was 8 years old.  Seriously.  I love finding them and reading my entries and thinking about who I was then and what my days consisted of.  In the past year of my life, I’ve gone through more changes than I can fathom.  Reading a journal entry from that time is a reminder of this.  Here is me, one year ago…


Well, I’m sitting outside with Sammy on this gorgeous night, thinking about the next few months of my life, and for the first time in so long, I feel almost positive.  Things don’t seem quite so hopeless.  I have the most amazing friends anyone could ask for.  They are always there for me and it makes me wonder how I ever survived without them being as close are they are to me now.  They are my sanity.

Kate and I have been on quite the journey this past year.  We’ve really supported one another through the most difficult time in our lives and really grown together as friends, and as people.  I am very greatful for a friend like her who would never judge me.  I wasn’t kidding when I said if I ever died suddenly, no one is allowed in my apartment until she’s cleared it! 🙂

Today I am thankful for:

sushi, friends, kids, optimism coming back, sun, books, ice cream, love notes from my students, sammy, the last day of school.

– A


– – – – –

I won’t get into my deep thoughts on this journal entry.  But, suffice it to say, I’ve come a long way – mentally and physically.  It’s always a good reminder that so much can change in a year.  An entire life can change, if you so desire.  But, if not….so very much can also stay the same…


Do you keep journals?


– A


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