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Between Friends

I’m looking forward to posting a few photographs and some warm memories from a recent trip home to Massachusetts to see my family and friends.  I couldn’t have been happier to see the most important people in my life and spend time doing the things I can’t do in LA – sitting on a porch with a cup of coffee and a book being one of them.

Each morning I woke up to the birds chirping outside of my bedroom window at my mother’s house, made a cup of steaming coffee, wandered out in my pajamas onto the porch, and sat with my coffee warming my hands enjoying the view of the green backyard.  No cars, pollution, screeching wheels, fire trucks, or city sounds to be heard.  Complete quiet. While the rainy dreary weather wasn’t quite conducive to a vacation feel, it was just what I needed.  In LA, there is never a shortage of sunshine, so the few days when the weather was less than perfect were actually a welcome break – no matter how insane that may sound.  Perfection – it gets boring after a while.

After flying on a red-eye flight into Newark (late) only to miss my connecting flight (note to self: never let mom book a plane ticket – she fails to see a 40 minute layover as a problem) to Massachusetts, I was stuck in Newark for an additional 5 hours waiting for a flight that would take me into Hartford – a TWENTY FIVE MINUTE flight.  Yes.  I had to wait FIVE HOURS to fly TWENTY FIVE MINUTES.  So, instead of getting home at 8:30 am, I arrived home at almost 6:00 pm, to find out the airline had also lost my luggage.  But all of the frustration and angry, exhausted tears left me and were replaced by pure happieness and comfort upon seeing my mother waiting for me at the bottom of the elevator in the airport in Hartford.   The drive from Hartford to Massachusetts was as peaceful as I’d hoped.  Miles of lush, green, peaceful land flew by as I caught my mother up on the latest of my life in the city of (fallen) angels.  We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home, and I realized how “LA” I’ve become when I asked the girl at the counter for avocado on my grilled chicken sandwich, and she basically laughed in my face and replied with “We don’t have that.”  In LA, folks put avocado on EVERYTHING.  Equally as much of a wake up call was the cost of lunch: $11.50.  For my moms sandwich,  my sandwich, two drinks and a side.  $11.50.  LA = expensive.  Get a meal for two for under 25 bucks and I’ll give you respect.  A trip to Wal-Mart yieled a BAG full of fun things for only $6.50.  I was, again, shocked.  So shocked, that I asked the boy behind the register if he’d gotten everything – he indeed, had.

Seeing my best friends in the world was exactly what I needed.  LA can leave you feeling like a shell of your former self, and being around the people who know me best was the most welcome feeling I’ve ever felt.  These girls mean more to me than I could possibly put into words, and being around each one of them slowly brought back a piece of myself that I’d been missing.  The fun we had is something I wish I could capture in words, but it isn’t possible to do it justice, so I won’t try.

My time at home was cut far too short, and I left the airport in Hartford to fly back to Los Angeles in tears, not ready to leave my loved ones behind.  Arriving back in LA was the saddest, lonliest feeling.  I am here now, and I’m still not sure how I feel about this city.  Is it really possible that just weeks ago, I was still so in love with it?  But, after being back in MA, I’m starting to see it for what it really is. That, is another post entirely.



Until then,


– A


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