Packing Light

Zuma Beach

We’re leaving tomorrow morning for a two-day adventure up the California coast. We purposely have not booked a hotel room or made any solid plans for what we’ll be doing, so that it’s a trip based entirely upon our every whim.  There’s something a little freeing about knowing there is absolutely nowhere we have to be by any specific time.  We’re planning on bringing about 5 bottles of inexpensive wine, bottled water, some peanut butter, bread, and jelly to save a little money where we can.  I’m a little excited thinking about where we’ll end up!  In California, there are so many amazing places to vacation that I’m not at all worried about not finding something that catches our attention.  Obviously, I’ll be packing lightly, but wisely, considering we’ll only be gone two days, yet we’re not sure where we’ll end up.  I’ve been working for the past year on perfecting the art of packing for any trip.  It makes things so much easier and less stressful.  So, here’s what I’m planning on bringing this time:

1.  A bathing suit (for impromptu beach trips).

2. A beach cover-up (for making myself look proper while on impromptu beach trips).

3. One pair of jeans (I probably won’t use these at all – I hate pants).

4. One sweater (A must – California is warm and sunny by day, but deceptively chilly at night).

5. A black maxi skirt (The ultimate in versatility).

6.  Several tank tops to put with maxi skirt or jeans (They take up very little space).

7.  One turquoise necklace, one coral necklace, and one gold necklace (Summer inspired colors to add to the outfits).


That about covers it!  I figure that all of these items can be mixed and matched no matter where we end up going.  Either way, I’m looking forward to letting my hair catch that genuine salty beachy wave, and relaxing with a good book while taking in the amazing California coast.  Many photos to come!



2 thoughts on “Packing Light

  1. I did the same drive 4th of July weekend last year and was shocked by the cold. Pack more sweaters! Get gas and food in San Luis Ibismo…it gets much more expensive and less frequent after that. As you drive, if you see a little sign for a library off the main road in Big Sur, stop. Drink in the atmosphere..

    Enjoy the drive. Big Sur is romantic and just magical.

  2. Ahhhh! Thank you for the tips, Kristen! I”ll definitely take your advice and pack more warm clothing! I’m super excited to see more of California north of Los Angeles. I’ve gone south, but not north at all yet. I’m hoping that we’re going to make it up to Big Sur. I have been google-ing it forever and it seems absolutely amazing….I love CA!

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