The Most Reliable Vehicle

I have a secret to tell you. Do you know your very own amazing, perfectly created little feet can get you anywhere you need to go? It’s true. If need be, your two feet could literally walk you to from ocean to ocean if you really needed to. We were created that way – with a built in mode of transportation – and it’s glorious and amazing.
Sometimes, because we live in a crazy, busy, caught-up-in-meaningless-distractions kind of world, we forget how strong we are. How strong we’re meant to be. We forget airplanes, trains, and automobiles weren’t invented to get us from one place to another – they were invented to get us there faster.
But, I’ve learned that faster doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sometimes we simply aren’t meant to get somewhere before we’re supposed to, and an important lesson is missed. Sometimes we arrive before we’re really meant to. We forget the joy that comes along with the journey; stopping to smell a flower or to talk with a stranger.
As I was was walking a mile to get to my car this morning, cursing the drizzle coming from the sky and the fact that I might be a bit sweaty by the time I reached my vehicle, I at some point started to become very aware of my feet hitting the pavement and my breath quickening. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks and the cool drops landing in my eyelashes and I started to enjoy myself. In the rain. I stopped contemplating flagging down a taxi to drop me at my destination. I started to delight and feel empowered and freed by the simple fact that I didn’t need a ride. I had a ride, and it was free, and better yet, it belongs to me.
If you need further proof of the joy and power in the journey, look at the sheer joy on a dog’s face when it’s taken outside to sniff the fresh air and run blindly in the grass, ears flapping and mouth open brushing it’s tounge on green blades. The dog delights in simply putting foot to ground and getting somewhere – anywhere, really. They aren’t concerned with where they’re going or how long it’ll take them. They revel in the simple act of running free. Our four legged friends are full of lessons in love, and life, and simple joys – this being one of the most important.
Yes, cars can get us to the places we need to go faster, but the strength that comes in putting one foot in front of the other (both mental and physcial strength) can sometimes be forgotten. So, the next time you find yourself having to walk a few more steps than you desire, in less than lovely weather, feel your feet on the ground and your body doing what it was meant to do – and feel the power and the possibilities that come along with that. And the fact that if you’d like to, you can walk yourself literally anywhere. You possess the only means you need to change your surroundings.


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