Weekend Wanderer

Our souls reach far beyond the confines of our body...

Our souls reach far beyond the confines of our body…

Happy Friday, all! Here are some fun things to get you doing a little (cyber) wandering this weekend. Enjoy!

Working out is one of my favorite things to do!  My brother bought me this for Christmas…I’m obsessed!

I’m a big believer in a workout for your mind, too!

I’m NOT a doctor, but I do know taking this (Two 50mg pills in the morning) at the FIRST sign of a cold stops it in it’s tracks. (Bonus: you’ll be glowing like you just worked out after three days of taking it!!! Read this.)

I’ve been eating this by the spoonful and rubbing it all over my body and hair. Read up on the health benefits and uses here!!!

I just found out one of my favorite web sites is considered PORNOGRAPHY by the coffee shop I’m sitting at, when it blocked me from going there! What do you think?!

Tiny, but fierce.

Happy Freekin’ Weekend!

– A