My Rules for Life


My Rules for Life:

Laugh until your mouth muscles hurt and your stomach aches.

Fall down in front of a lot of people.

Run around in the rain with no shoes and let the mud seep between your toes.

Dream, then act.

Go ahead and put all of your eggs in one basket, that’s called faith, and faith is brave.

Embarrass yourself once every day.

Have a sense of humor.

Don’t be afraid of getting dirty or getting bruises.

Tell a joke and forget the punchline, marry the person who laughs anyway.

Pick one flower, put it behind your ear, and leave the rest.

Get lost.

Practice the art of doing nothing.

Fall in love with yourself before attempting to fall in love with anyone else.

When you stub your toe, let a cuss word rip.

Get high.

If you aren’t sorry, don’t apologize.

Date the wrong one just for fun, but not for keeps.

Read in the grass.

Blow bubbles.

Think with your head first, then think with your heart and forget your head.

Kiss someone who makes you feel like you’re going downhill on a roller coaster.



Put blinders on sometimes and forget your peripheral vision exists.

Deliberately seek out things that give you the butterflies.

Road trip.

Dig your toes in and refuse to budge.

Surround yourself with people who will help you when you don’t know how to ask for help.

Believe in soul mates, but don’t be so naïve as to think it has to be the person you marry, but you’re lucky if it is.

Play to play, not to win.

Be nice.

Believe in something bigger than us.

Let fate do what it does.

Dance a little in the way you walk.

Be wary of people who hold their cards too close.

Be a little reckless with money.

Listen to your favorite song until you hate it.

If you ever wonder about a persons true character, push them into a pool fully clothed.

Give great hugs.

If you want to know the truth about a situation, ask a child or a teenager; everyone else considers your feelings before answering.

Give second chances, sometimes third, but never fourth.

Master the art of conversation.

Find your outlet.

Be slightly enigmatic.

Be unapologetically confident, but not cocky.

Let people tell you their stories, and listen closely.

Understand that romantic love is foolish and fleeting, and fall in love anyway.

Hold hands.

Remember that we are one atom away from ceasing to exist; therein lies the proof and the possibility of miracles.

What would you add?

– A


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