The Beauty of Road Trippin.’


The Golden Gate Bridge from a distance…so beautiful!

Do you sometimes find yourself completely burned out?  I know I do.  This is why I REQUIRE that tiny getaways be part of my life. 
I’ve always been the sort of girl who loved to hop in the car an go on a drive.  It calms me. It centers me.  It gives me a break from the stresses of life. My mother told me once that, even as a baby, all she’d have to do is put me in the car and drive around for a while, and I’d be out like a light.
My father and I used to pack up the car and take day long trips frequently.  One time, we drove to The Cape to see the Tall Ships coming in – something my father had been super interested in seeing, and something I found more beautiful than I’d known I would.  The ships were enormous, and their stark white sails against the deep navy of the Atlantic were breathtakingly beautiful. 
Another time, we drove to Chesterfield Gorge in the Berkshires.  This remains one of my very favorite memories of our day trips together, and is still one of my favorite places to go.  It’s set far away from anything at all.  The trees are tall and full, and you can hike for miles or go for a swim in the cool rocky river running through the gorge.
To this day, nothing makes me happier after a great day or a not so great day, than hopping in the car and driving.  Sometimes I have a destination.  Sometimes I don’t.  But no matter what, I find peace and comfort in taking a tiny adventure.
This past weekend, I decided (among looks of sure insanity from friends) to drive to San Francisco meet my family, since my mother had to take a business trip there.  The 6 hour drive there was grueling and terrible.  I drove through rain and fog through terrain that I am not at all familiar with and thought more than once that I may actually never get to my destination.  California never ceases to amaze me with it’s dense cities followed by vast expanses of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  San Fran was exactly the mini break that I’d needed.  It awoke something inside of me that’s been long sleeping – inspiration.  I had a brilliant time with my family and began the long drive back to L.A. Sunday afternoon.  What I saw on my drive (in the day light this time) took my breath away.  I literally said out loud “Oh my God,” about 30 times.  The rolling green hills coverered with what looked like moss to my right, and the endless plane of desert looking land to my left made me feel such gratitude.  I wanted to get out of the car and kiss the ground several times, because I was so thankful for it’s immense beauty and the feelings it awoke inside of me. 

Where would you adventure to?  What’s been your favorite road trip?

– A


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