I’ve been thinking about God a lot lately. We have a complicated relationship. I’m not very religious. More spiritual. And lately –  I’ve been preoccupied with Him. I need direction. I need something sure. The other day at the gym I actually had tears running down my face as I drifted off thinking about sitting in an empty church and just praying. It literally brought tears to my eyes.  I don’t even know how to pray, really.

Today, I made up my mind to go somewhere deliberately to pray. To put aside my thoughts of what prayer should look and sound like,  and just do it. I really thought very hard of the things I’d pray for.

Well, I never got to go to that place to pray. I never went because, before I could, my prayers were answered. They were answered in the form of a conversation with someone that gave me exactly what I needed. Essentially, God spoke through this person.

When I thought of praying again, tears no longer came to my eyes. I didn’t need to go to an open field. I didn’t need to pray and cry before the alter in church. I simply sat with my thoughts asking God for guidance….and it was given. Today was a good day.


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