On Cultivating A Loving and Healthy Attitude Toward Your Body

Here’s  excerpt from article I wrote, published on Honey Loves , about how I cultivated a healthy attitude toward my body after years of struggling with an altered view of myself.  Find the entire article, including the 5 ways to re-wire your thinking, at HoneyLoves.org Feedback and comments are welcome!


My body and I have had a tumultuous relationship on our journey together (I’ll share my own personal “body story” one day soon).

For about 15 years of my life, I struggled with disordered eating and an altered view of what I looked like. It was a terribly lonely struggle and, still to this day, I’ve never spoken about it to ANYONE – so you, Honey Loves, are the first people I will ever speak to about the years of darkness and loneliness that tortured and clawed at my sense of self; the demons that chewed away at the very core of who I was.

It’s been an incredibly long and lonely road to get to where I am now in regards to the love I have for my body. I say “lonely,” because, well…it was! I never spoke about my pain and self-torture to anyone – even now, as I write this, I’m finding it difficult. I held everything inside and sometimes I think it’s a miracle that I even survived it. I can’t believe I’ve gone from the person I was to the person I am today; and I did it all alone. But, you don’t need to do it alone! (And in fact, I DO NOT recommend doing it alone – I just didn’t know the resources available to me.)

Today, I am grateful for my struggle because it has allowed me to reflect and learn to love and appreciate my body. It’s given me the opportunity to do what I wish someone did for me and REACH OUT to help those around me struggling with the same thing. I will say again: You don’t need to go through this alone, beautiful girls. The hate I had for myself permeated every single area of my life – and when I say I was at rock bottom, believe me. So, also, when I say there is hope for you, Honey Loves, you have to believe me. You have to have faith. I am proof that you CAN heal. You can be a person who loves and respects your mind, body, and soul. You don’t always have to live with this heavy weight of self-hatred on your spirit.

While I wish I had, I never sought professional counseling for what I was going through. Though I don’t recommend this (and I can help you find resources to get help), it did force me to come up with little tricks to re-wire my brain that over time, really and truly worked. I figured that if my brain could trick my eyes into seeing fat that wasn’t there when I looked in the mirror, I could certainly make that work to my advantage – and slowly but surely, a new and beautiful girl started to show up whenever I looked in the mirror.

I want to share my tricks for body love with you, and I hope you’ll try them and they’ll start to work for you, too. Be patient with your journey. This isn’t a change that happens overnight. It takes consistent re-working and re-directing of negative thoughts.




Head on over to HoneyLoves.org to read the rest of my article!

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It’s Been Real, Fro-Yo. It’s Been Real.

Maximum backlight.

Maximum backlight.

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly allergic to a variety of things (apples, Splenda (EVIL),  Burt’s Bee’s lip balm, the list goes on…), and it’s led me to really become concerned and aware of the effects the products I use and foods I eat have on my body.  Combined with my new obsession with everything having to do with skin, I’ve realized that many skin issues that I’ve been plagued with also have a huge correlation with the foods I eat. 

After watching a few documentaries (I won’t even get into details there), I cut out meat entirely from my diet about 3 months ago.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the way I feel and the way my skin looks.  I’ve even taken photos to prove it.  Kind of like an experiment on myself. I began taking a hair, skin, and nails multi-vitamin, and also use some amazingly fantastic cream on my eyes every night.  The effects have been incredible. 

After lots of reading and studying up on things (here and here are a couple), I’m thinking my newest skin experiment will be eliminating dairy from my diet.  There have been a huge number of studies done on the connection between the consumption of dairy and skin issues like acne and rosacea.  I’d give pretty much anything to just have beautifully even and clear skin.  Oh, to feel like I don’t have to use foundation to make my skin even and cover up marks! Can you even imagine!?!

So, I’m mustering up my guts to give up my obsession with fro-yo and cheese (milk I couldn’t care less about giving up), and will most likely begin my dairy free month next Monday.  I’m going to enjoy all of the cheese and fro-yo I can stand this week just to make sure I’m good and sick of them by the time I let them go! 


I’m curious….

Have any of you given up dairy?  What have your results been like?  I hear it also makes digestion amazingly efficient.

Have you given up any other food groups and seen a positive effect on how you feel and look?